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You just spent 3 hours in the salon for a new color. And requested a natural blonde color, of course not too warm or yellow.
The color is finished of with a perfect blowdry and you are completely happy with the end result, you go home.
You look at your hair at home and to your own surprise you still see a warm glims in your hair.

You walk to the bathroom and take a good look at your hair again,your blonde hair looks a bit cooler here.
You ask a friend outside what she thinks about your hair;
Your friends says it's beautiful. and if you take a picture of your hair outside, you will indeed see your beautiful natural blonde hair color again.

How is this possible ?
This is due to the light color of the lamp. There are different types of lightning from a lamp, such as: Flame, gold, yellow, white and daylight.
Because of the color they radiate, your hair color looks very different.
The light from the sun can also give your hair a warm effect on photos.

Below some examples of different lighting and the effects it has on one hair color.

Living room light: Has a light yellow effect on the hair.

Day light: The most realistic light.

Bathroom light: Bathroom light gives a yellow / green effect on the color.

TL light: Has a cool effect on the color.

Living room light with a low watt/volt: Gives the hair a darker and warmer effect.

Living room (red background): Living room light with a red background gives the hair a warmer color.

Living room (cool tone): Living room light with a cool tone gives a darker and more assured effect on the hair.

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