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    Till the moon and back

    Having your hair cut at the position of the moon?

    The moon is known to affect our seas and oceans.
    The attraction of the moon causes a high water level on the side of the earth where the moon stands.
    This observation, also called the "tide" was discovered by Iscaac Newton.


    But what does the moon do for our hair?

    There is a method that cutting the hair during a certain moon position has an effect on the growth of the hair

    The cycle of the moon can be divided into 2 periods:
    -The crescent moon, the moon grows to the stage of the full moon
    -The waning moon, the moon goes back to the phase of the new moon

    According to the method, during the waxing month the ideal period is to:

    • Get your hair cut if you want it to grow faster. During the waxing moon your hair is in shape and it will grow faster and get thicker.
    • Use a hair mask. Your hair absorbs the nourishing components better during this period.
    • Color your hair. The color will stay longer if you do the coloring during the waxing moon.

    According to the method, during the waning moon, the ideal period is to:

    • Cut a short haircut, this is the phase in which the hair grows less quickly. You will enjoy your look longer
    • Shave your hair that you don't want to see again soon, for example your bikini line

    This method has not been scientifically proven, but it is always worth trying if you want to grow your hair or enjoy your color longer.

    Whether it is the crescent moon or the waning moon, we would love to see you again in one of our salons,

    We love you to the moon and back.

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