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Everybody starts with their own new year's resolutions such as more exercising, healthier diet, and less alcohol.

If you think about being kind to yourself, we most likely think about the inside as our mental health. But the outside needs some extra attention too! Especially in the cold winter days. Because of the cold temperatures and dry air with the lack of humid, the cold winter may sensitizes the scalp and even causes some irritation, itching, and flaking. The side effects of a dry scalp are dull hair that easily breaks and splits.

What to do

Taking care of healthy hair should be done from the inside out, but how?

From the inside:

• Make sure your diet contains fatty-acids like salmon, mackerel, walnuts, or linseed. Fatty acids are known to hydrate healthy hair and skin.
• In case you are having a dry-January, keep going. Alcohol is very drying for both hair and skin.
• Also, coffee is a drying factor. Compensate a cup of coffee with two glasses of water.
• Keep the production of your body's collagen as high as possible! Our tissue produces proteins that are filled with the amino-acid "Glycine." Our hairs consist of keratin proteins, and glycine is part of the main proteins to maintain stronger and healthier hair.

From the outside:

It's everybody's guilty pleasure: A hot shower. However, hot water that raises above 38 degrees is drying to both our hair and skin. Are you that healthy-hair-die-hard? Finish off with cold water to maintain some extra shine. The cold water closes the hair scales for a little extra shine. Another great benefit of cold water is that it stimulates the blood circulation by contracting the blood vessels and muscles for less drying skin.

Our salons are offering a special "You" treatment. The treatment is a customized hair mask measured to your hair and personal wishes. The "You" treatment is also available with a color-elixir.

Dry Scalp

A couple of specific products can help with a dry scalp like the Vital Nutrition line by Keune. The shampoo is full of proteins and balances out the moist levels of the scalp to prevent from drying. The conditioner, as an addition to the shampoo, can only be used on the hair and not the scalp itself. It maintains the moisture for the hair. You could finish with the leave-in lotion "Derma Sensitive" by Keune. The conditioner hydrates and calms when the scalp is dry and irritated.

Static and Frizzy hair

• Try to avoid combing and brushing to prevent the hair from frizzing. A brush with pig hair or nylon may prevent the hairs from frizzing. Our favorite brush and the Ferrari among the hairbrushes is the Maison Pierson, available at our salons.
• Treat your hair with the right products. Our salons offer a personalized set of shampoo and conditioner from "You" by Keune. The "You" set is customized for your hair type and needs.
• Our favorite essential is the Keune "So Pure" Argan Oil, which is known to nourish the scalp and hair. Nowadays, oils are not that heavy anymore, and a lighter version of the oil is also available at our salons.
• Use a travel spray on-the-go. In case you can't resist to brush throughout the day? Spray a little on your brush ( Tip: Keune Fix Freestyle ) to prevent from frizzing. Another great hack is to spray inside your hat, and by taking of your hat the hairs will no longer be frizzy.

We can't wait for spring to start, but we hope these tips will get you through the last days of winter.

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