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Amsterdam west
Haarlemmerdijk 156

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As of tomorrow, we are open again. Our opening hours have not changed. If you have any questions about our precautions, your canceled or rescheduled appointment, please contact us.



1. Less staff, more spaces
A maximum of hairdressers are working at the same time per salon. This way we prevent customers and staff from being too close together.

2. Scheduled appointments can be adjusted
If appointments are scheduled too close together, we will call the concerned client to reschedule them in consultation.

3. Stay home if you have any symptomes
Employees with any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath and a sore throat) do not work. Do you suffer from any symptoms? We would like to ask you to reschedule your appointment until you have recovered.

4.Visit without extra people or pets
Are you visiting our salon for an appointment? We kindly request you to come without friends, family or pets.

5. We disinfect
We make sure to wash our hands with disinfectant gel after treating a client.

6. We limit body contact
We are used to give our customers a warm welcome and goodbye. It is understandable that we will not do this for the time being. We also try to work with gloves as much as possible.

7. We are aware
We will avoid contact of our hands with eyes and mouth.

8. We only accept debit card payments
To prevent the virus from spreading, we only accept payments by debit card.

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The Building AMS

Stadionweg 184
1077 TC Amsterdam
T: 020 6797974

E: info@thebuildingams.com