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Amsterdam west
Haarlemmerdijk 156

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2020 is the year to stand still, reflect, and think about the future. For us as owners of The Building it is an eye-opener to realize what’s important to us and our team: Work & Life Balance. Therefore, we decided to put our focus and energy in one place: our salon at the Stadionweg 184.

The recently renewed COVID measures and advice result in new safety measures in our salons. The government urgently recommends that hairdressers and customers both wear a face mask. 

The option to work with a face mask has been one of the regulations since the corona protocol. Now that it is urgently requested by our government we will be wearing a face mask during treatment and ask you also to wear a face mask during your visit. For optimal safety. If you don't have a face mask with you on your visit, we have face masks available in our salons.

Our salons remain open and we are ready to make your hair beautiful.

See you soon 🖤

If you’re looking to update your color but don't want to commit to all-over colour or monthly visits to your salon, there's a solution. A new colouring method, aptly nicknamed 'the money piece', has been embraced by hairdressers in recent months as a way to offer clients a fresh look without all the fuss.

Trending hair colors for the last couple of years like balayage, ombré, money piece, face framing highlights are very much in demand. These types of coloring playing with depth and fades in the color roots and length. If this is done properly you will find yourself enjoying your color for a very long time. No harsh roots or major color differences. But subtle overflowing colors.

“Het hoeft niet altijd groter; focus op kwaliteit.”

Collega aannemen

“De eerste maand na de sluiting hoorden we zoveel verschillende geluiden, dat we niet goed wisten wat te doen. De hele wereld stond stil. Vervolgens waren we ervan overtuigd dat we op 28 april weer open mochten, maar dat ging niet door. Dat was wel stressvol; we hadden net iemand aangenomen die nog in zijn proeftijd zat. Zouden we die aanhouden of niet? Wij zijn heel precies over welke kappers we in ons team willen en hij is een goeie. Dus we hebben hem gehouden en ook nog een andere kapper een vast contract gegeven. Ons idee was: nu gaat het minder, maar straks hebben we die goede kappers weer hard nodig.”

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The Building AMS

Stadionweg 184
1077 TC Amsterdam
T: 020 6797974

E: info@thebuildingams.com