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Estella, co-founder of The Building, is the epitome of calm and always works in a structured and professional manner. Her passion for entrepreneurship and hairstyling has been strengthened in the recent years by the growth of The Building. Which once started with two close friends, has now grown into two salons with no less than twenty employees. Her goal is to support every hairdresser - regardless of experience - with education. Success starts with knowledge, after all. Her ambition is to expand the success of The Building, and the strength lies within the people. That’s why Estella is responsible for education and crew at The Building.

Estella follows the latest trends in hairstyling carefully, but stylish people whom she meets are still her greatest source of inspiration. Estella has a great passion for coloring hair. That’s why she is known as the color specialist of The Building. "I think it's important to 'read' hair, so I pay close attention to the texture of the hair, the way the hair moves and the shape of the face. I like to make hair lively and gorgeous, where the color matches smoothly and gives an extra dimension to the hair. That's how hair should be", says Estella.


Estella is an ambitious hairstylist with an impressive resumé as a hairdresser. For example, she has been nominated for a Coiffure Award no less than three times. And she regularly provides training and gives her own courses in hairstyling to other hair professionals. Estella also demonstrated her talent for cutting the most beautiful hairstyles at various fashion shows, such as the Fashion Week in Milan, Paris and India. Spijkers & Spijkers, Chloé, Rick Owens and Givenchy are examples of brands she has worked with. Estella always works with passion for the profession and has an inexhaustible energy.

Finally The Building is a nice and relaxed place for Estella. It’s a hair salon where everybody is welcome, and all kinds of people can step in to be pampered and have the best haircut of Amsterdam.

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The Building AMS

Stadionweg 184
1077 TC Amsterdam
T: 020 6797974

E: info@thebuildingams.com