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Iris started at The Building with a fresh spirit after completing 10 years of hairstyling education. It was a long journey but she simply could never give up on the dream of becoming a professional hairstylist. Very consciously, Iris embarked on this adventure, to discover a new world and to start from the bottom and work her way up to the top.

Iris is enormously driven to master her profession as one of the best in the field. She has a strong drive for creating fashionable hair and gets very inspired by the many types of people who take a seat in her chair. While listening to the stories of her clients from different backgrounds, cultures and ages, she makes them happy by cutting and styling their beautiful hair. The style of Iris is casual & cool.

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The Building AMS

Stadionweg 184
1077 TC Amsterdam
T: 020 6797974

E: info@thebuildingams.com