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Meet our hairstylist and salon manager Melissa! She has been part of The Building family since the beginning, and has grown significantly with the company. She loves coloring hair, which she can do like no other. All her coloring work is characterized by a high degree of accuracy where each string of hair is treated with the utmost care. Melissa is also your go-to pro for color corrections. Being the color expert at The Building, she always knows the right solution for you.

But Melissa has many more skills to offer. Besides coloring, she is also known for braiding, which she turns into art. In The Building she is known as the Braid Queen! In addition to perfecting hairstyles in the salon, Melissa regularly takes care of models’ hair during photoshoots.

Do you want a total make-over? Or a fresh look for the next festival season? Melissa is your girl.

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