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14 feb we will donate half of our day revenue of both salons to the charity @because_we_carry.

On top of our donation @keunehaircosmetics will do a donation of 2k. Together we can help. 💪

Happy valentines day 🖤

LOVES...supporting @because_we_carry.

Who they are and what they do:

We are an Amsterdam based foundation that helps refugee people on the Greek islands.

We return hope and happiness to refugees by organizing very simple programs at a camp that feed the soul again. Our healthy breakfast that we hand out each day with a cheerful good morning, the Yoga, the sport, the Barbershop and the Beauty Salon, the bikes and the welcome packs contribute to a happier life while waiting and recovering from the trauma .

With each other and for each other.
Because we are full of hope that we can make a finer world together. For each other and with each other!

You can always help us by volunteering to help us with our actions and by donating.

Schedule your appointment and view our pricelist here

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The Building AMS

Stadionweg 184
1077 TC Amsterdam
T: 020 6797974

E: info@thebuildingams.com