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Welcome at The Building, we are the leading hair salon in Amsterdam offering you the very best of services. Our salon provides you with a relaxed environment which will make you feel at home right away.

Three young creative entrepreneurs opened the doors of The Building in 2013 to now be a leading hair salon with two locations in Amsterdam. The Building is a space created to give our clients the most relaxed and comfortable time during their treatments.

Adriana, Estella, and Rachel are three young passionate, and creative entrepreneurs that founded The Building in 2013 to unite their own personal talents all together in one place: The Building AMS.

The salon located at Stadionweg, Amsterdam, is an ambient place where fashion, the latest trends on hairstyles, beauty, and style blend together with talented hairstylists at once.

Our mission is to have our clients leave the salon feeling elevated and boosted. We want our clients to feel good and look even better than what they expected.

Our incredible team of hairstylists gives a start-to-finish service by including a thoughtful consultation before and after in an unhurried setting with precise attention to quality and detail.

"A moment creates an experience, an experience creates a lifestyle" – Adriana, Estella & Rachel.


When the world gets a little bit hectic, we promise to offer you a moment of relaxation and the premium service that you deserve.

The story of the salon that conquered Amsterdam. like so many legends, begins with a strong sense of ambition and wild dreams.


Our values are red thread that runs throughout the holistic experience of our salon. By fully focussing on expertise, experience, and passion we strive to offer you the top-notch service you deserve.


From exquisite haircuts, to sophisticated coloring and extension experts. The Building offers their clientele nothing but the very best.


Offering the client an immersive experience that leave no detail to chance. Makes you feel at ease upon arrival and leave feeling reborn and ready for any challenge that might come your way when you depart.


The founders of The Building continue their craft with a deep found passion that can be felt throughout every single thing they do.


From running a business to upholding a smooth-running household, society expects a lot from the modern-day woman. With a life that needs her to be at her best 24/7, she tends to forget that she needs a moment to relax, sit back an recharge.

Our vision is that every woman deserves to indulge in moments of self-care while living her best life. Let's start taking care of ourselves in order to be our best selves for others.