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Dear Clients,

With much disbelief we have to close The Building doors again 💔
Unfortunately the government announced yet another lockdown until the 14th of January.

We will re-schedule all appointments booked before this date. 
You will receive an email and call as soon as the opening date is confirmed. 

Dear clients,

With the upcoming holidays we do not only have a lot of gift inspiration, but also a special limited Blow dry membership offer. Get inspired. 

Ilham Mestour & Rachel Geerman share their story on their longtime friendship and work relationship in this Months Harpers Bazaar issue.





Dear clients,

From March 3rd, we can finally welcome you back to our salon. And we are really looking forward to see you in our spacious COVID-proof salon. With our interior restyling we have tried to create a space where you can rest and relax and let us take care of you.⁠




Team The Building

Dear Clients,

Unfortunately the government extended the lockdown until the 2nd of march. We will re-schedule all appointments booked before this date. You will receive an e-mail or call in the following week. In this newsletter we talk about what we can do for you in the meantime.

We will keep you updated through social media, our newsletter and website blog.


Team The Building

Dear clients,

Due to the latest government COVID-19 measures, The Building will close the salon for treatments until January 20th. We will re-schedule all appointments booked before this date. For questions and hair advice you can send us an email.


Wie op zoek is naar een haarstylist die écht naar je luistert en begrijpt dat je haar je identiteit optimaal moet weerspiegelen, moet bij The Building zijn. Een haarsalon waar je na een knip- of kleurbeurt gegarandeerd met een nieuwe boost zelfvertrouwen naar buiten loopt.

2020 is the year to stand still, reflect, and think about the future. For us as owners of The Building it is an eye-opener to realize what’s important to us and our team: Work & Life Balance. Therefore, we decided to put our focus and energy in one place: our salon at the Stadionweg 184.

The recently renewed COVID measures and advice result in new safety measures in our salons. The government urgently recommends that hairdressers and customers both wear a face mask. 

The option to work with a face mask has been one of the regulations since the corona protocol. Now that it is urgently requested by our government we will be wearing a face mask during treatment and ask you also to wear a face mask during your visit. For optimal safety. If you don't have a face mask with you on your visit, we have face masks available in our salons.

Our salons remain open and we are ready to make your hair beautiful.

See you soon 🖤

If you’re looking to update your color but don't want to commit to all-over colour or monthly visits to your salon, there's a solution. A new colouring method, aptly nicknamed 'the money piece', has been embraced by hairdressers in recent months as a way to offer clients a fresh look without all the fuss.

Trending hair colors for the last couple of years like balayage, ombré, money piece, face framing highlights are very much in demand. These types of coloring playing with depth and fades in the color roots and length. If this is done properly you will find yourself enjoying your color for a very long time. No harsh roots or major color differences. But subtle overflowing colors.

“Het hoeft niet altijd groter; focus op kwaliteit.”

Collega aannemen

“De eerste maand na de sluiting hoorden we zoveel verschillende geluiden, dat we niet goed wisten wat te doen. De hele wereld stond stil. Vervolgens waren we ervan overtuigd dat we op 28 april weer open mochten, maar dat ging niet door. Dat was wel stressvol; we hadden net iemand aangenomen die nog in zijn proeftijd zat. Zouden we die aanhouden of niet? Wij zijn heel precies over welke kappers we in ons team willen en hij is een goeie. Dus we hebben hem gehouden en ook nog een andere kapper een vast contract gegeven. Ons idee was: nu gaat het minder, maar straks hebben we die goede kappers weer hard nodig.”

As from Monday May 11th both of The Building locations are open! ⁠For bookings, please give us a call or send your request by email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. ⁠Online bookings are available from June 1st.⁠⠀
If you already made an appointment through our app (from as of the 11th of May) you don’t need to take any action, and we’ll be happy to see you on the confirmed date. If the appointment has to be changed due to the hygiene protocol, we will contact you to re-schedule the appointment.⠀

See you soon 🖤

Dear All,

We’ve been keeping you up to date with our personal take on the COVID-19 situation. Read below the story of Iris, Lucia, Samantha and Ramon. We hope to see you soon.

Dear All,

In our previous blog post you could read how the owners of The Building Estella, Rachel & Adriana deal with the Covid-19 situation, this week you can read the dairy personal story of the team members, Soumaya, Youri, Chanel & Melissa.

On March 16 we decided to close the doors of the salon because of the COVID-19.opening again later for a weekend because there was so much uncertainty about the support of the government when you close on your own initiative.

Fortunately on March 23, the government made the decision. Hairdressers have to close their doors.

And then it starts, to arrange everything;

  • Rescheduling customers appointments
  • What kind of support do you get, requests for arrangements
  • How can we help our customers?

We are now a few weeks further and luckily the above has all become clear and arranged.