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Trending hair colors for the last couple of years like balayage, ombré, money piece, face framing highlights are very much in demand. These types of coloring playing with depth and fades in the color roots and length. If this is done properly you will find yourself enjoying your color for a very long time. No harsh roots or major color differences. But subtle overflowing colors.

Ramon is an expert when it comes to the long-lasting color trends.
We ask him to explain a little on his vision on coloring.

I have achieved a lot of experience throughout the years. With my experience and knowledge, I have developed my own style: Sustainability in hair coloring.

When it comes to coloring and cutting, I think it's essential that this is done so that it grows out nicely in between visits. I always want to get the best out of all my clients. That's why I'm such a perfectionist.

I like to adapt to the wishes of my clients. This way, I can make a beautiful complete picture combined with my creativity. I love a natural color-scheme. Usually, the treatments that take longer lasts for a longer time. For instance, baby-lights (Highlights that are set very fine) or a Balayage with a very natural overflow.

There are also many techniques for one of them is a Toupage technique. This is when the hair is cut in half and, therefore, does not color everything, this gives a very natural effect when you brush it out.  

Finishing the color with the right toner creates more warmth or coolness, but it may also re-color for a softer overflow. This is perfect for when you do not have huge outgrowth every few weeks.

Do you want to know more about sustainable hair coloring? Ask us for the possibilities!

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